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Exonerating the Innocent
The Georgia Innocence Project (GIP) exists for a primary purpose: to exonerate and free the wrongly convicted. Based on the visionary work of The Innocence Project (Cardozo Law School, New York), GIP investigates criminal cases where DNA evidence not tested at the time of trial might still exist and might prove actual innocence. Since its inception in 2002, GIP has helped exonerate four Georgia men. It currently accepts cases in Georgia and Alabama.

Educating Law Students
GIP hires 6-12 students each semester from law schools all around the country. Under staff supervision, these students process GIP cases, learning best practices in criminal law investigation and defense. More than 100 law students have worked at GIP since its inception. Many of them have gone on to work in the area of criminal law. If you are a current law student interested in becoming a GIP intern, click here.

Educating the Public
GIP works to educate the public that wrongful convictions are not rare or isolated events. GIP staff members and exonerees maintain an active public speaking schedule. If you are interested in your class or group learning more about GIP, our work, and our clients, contact us.

Effecting Public Policy
GIP works to promote policy that can prevent future wrongful convictions and also works with state legislatures on behalf of our clients. For information on our public policy work, please see our News Release Archives.

Rebuilding Lives
GIP's Life After Exoneration program is one of the most active of any Innocence organization in the country. GIP partners with a major law firm to benefit each new exoneree. Assisting with tasks large and small, from getting a new driver's license after release to petitioning the legislature for financial compensation, GIP and its partnering firms help exonerees rebuild their lives. Services include counseling, education, medical and dental care, and job placement assistance.

If you are interested in supporting GIP's work, please click here.